The first Open Workshop of the INFRALERT project has been held on the 16th November 2016 at the EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi) in Brussels (Belgium).

This first public event of the INFRALET project was organized in three sessions with contributions from insiders and outsiders.

Attendees to the 1st INFRALERT Open Workshop Participants

The first session, was devoted to an introduction to the project with a welcoming talk by Mr. Axel Simroth (Fraunhofer IVI), the Project Coordinator. After the introduction, a general overview was presented by Dr. Noemi Jimenez-Redondo (CEMOSA), technical manager of the project, followed by Mr. Cesare Santanera (DMA) who presented the background and motivations.

In the second session, examples of asset management and maintenance planning were presented by Mr. João Gomes (Infraestruturas de Portugal) and Mr. Henk Samson (STRUKTON RAIL) in the road and railway sector, respectively.

img_20161116_104017 Mr. Henk Samson

The third session focused on the technical developments, including the presentations of all the INFRALERT partners on the main progress and outputs of the project up to date.

Firstly, Mr. Cesare Santanera (DMA) presented progresses and challenges that the INFRALERT Data Farm is facing to effectively process the heterogeneous data types that are being collected. Mr. András Juszt (Regens) presented a technical overview on the eIMS IT architecture and its functional design, together with Mr. Levente Mihály who showed the audience a live demo of the graphical user interface.

Mr. András Juszt (Regens)

Mr. András Juszt (Regens)

Work packages devoted to the analytic part of the project were presented next. Dr. Johan Odelius (Lulea Tekniska Universitet) presented the models being used for asset condition forecasting. Prof. Francisco G. Benitez (Universidad de Sevilla) reported on the work progress related to generation of work orders and alert management using Machine Learning techniques, and finally, Dr. Álvaro Calle-Cordón (CEMOSA) presented the advanced carried out to extract system RAMS characteristics and models to assess Life-Cycle Costs.

img_20161116_121534 img_20161116_132216 img_20161116_134615

The third session round of presentations was closed by Mrs. Ute Kandler (Fraunhofer IVI) who presented the developments of the decision support tool for maintenance planning.

After the technical results were presented, an open discussion session moderated by Dr. Jesús Rodriguez, Managing Director of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC) took place. In this last session interesting questions were addressed including ICT tools for capacity improvement of existing infrastructure networks, the new role played by data-driven model in maintenance engineering and Big Data technology issues among others.

Dr. Jesús Rodriguez (Spanish Construction Technology Platform)

Dr. Jesús Rodriguez (Spanish Construction Technology Platform)

All presentations are available for download here.