The second Open Workshop of the INFRALERT project has been held on the 17th April 2018 at the Transport Research Arena in Vienna (Austria).

This second public event of the INFRALET project was organized in three sessions with contributions of all the partners and with the participation of Dr. Jesús Rodríguez (Managing Director of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC)) as chairman, who moderates open discussions and interventions.









The first session, was devoted to an introduction to the project with a welcoming talk by Mr. Axel Simroth (Fraunhofer IVI), the Project Coordinator. After the introduction, a general overview was presented by Dr. Noemi Jimenez-Redondo (CEMOSA), technical manager of the project, followed by Mr. Marco Fruttero (DMA) who presented the Data Farm.

In the second session, all the INFRALERT toolkits were presented by. Dr. Johan Odelius (Lulea Tekniska Universitet) about the asset condition forecasting toolkit, Prof. Francisco G. Benitez (Universidad de Sevilla) reported on the toolkit regarding generation of work orders and alert management using Machine Learning techniques, Mr. Juan Jacobo Peralta Escalante (CEMOSA) presented the tool to calculate system RAMS parameters and life-cycle costs and finally Mrs. Ute Kandler (Fraunhofer IVI) presented the developments of the decision support tool for maintenance planning.

The third session focused on the expert-based Infrastructure Management System (eIMS) was introduced by Mr. András Juszt (Regens), who presented a technical overview on the eIMS IT architecture and its functional design, together with Mr. Tamás Hanák, who showed the audience a live demo of the eIMS, the partners responsible for the presentation of toolkits in the second session and Mr. João Gomes (Infraestruturas de Portugal), who presented the Portugal road pilot, and Dr. Johan Odelius who presented the Sweden rail pilot (Trafikverket).













The event was closed by Dr. Noemi Jiménez with a list of the project impacts and a list of conclusions that motivated discussions with the External Advisory Board afterwards.

The INFRALERT team appreciates the participation of all the attendees and the fruitful discussions and interventions, especially Dr. Jesús Rodríguez for his kind willingness.

All presentations (videos) will be available in a Youtube channel in coming weeks.